Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am actually considering it

This weekend I watched Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead.

You can click on it and see it for yourself.  It was a really good documentary regarding what we eat and what it is doing to our bodies.

Sounds like one of those healthy shows doesn't it?   

Well it is.  But he has some great points and his results are nothing short of amazing.  I watched it after finishing The China Study, and I have to admit I found it very convincing.

So, have I bought a juicer yet?


but I am actually considering it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Living in Corinth

In Bible study we are doing Corinthians.

In Corinthians Paul is replying to a church in Corinth regarding a situation that seems to be creating conflict in the church.

This particular problem that he addresses has to do with a man who is currently living with his dead fathers' wife.  (I assume it is his stepmother.)  

Can you say "Scandal!!!"

And as Paul is replying to the church he gives them such good advice, some of his own thinking and some straight from God.  Not only does Paul address that particular topic but he moves right into marriage, and greed, and prostitutes.  

Hardly boring, right?

But as we read it, I began to realize that any situation we can think of is covered in
the bible and it tells us how God wants us to address it.

The bible truly is an instruction booklet for us if we would just take the time to read it.  
Also, as we were talking about all the stuff that was going on back then it was easy to see that the same kind of stuff happens now, everyday, only we have grown so "use" to it, that it has become acceptable.

Over time we have stopped seeing things as black or white, meaning right and wrong here, but everything falls into a gray area that no one wants to define as right or wrong.

Do we really believe that this is acceptable to God?

There are still so many wonderful things about our world.  But we have to wonder how long we can continue in this direction?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where does the time go?

Whew, I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted.

I really have had more to talk about but I just haven't taken the time to actually
put it out there.

Just random, but we are starting a new kitchen floor project that I am so, so,
so excited about!

I can't wait to show you that one.  But it is a big project so it's gonna take a while.

Also, I finished reading this.

Loved it!!

So much so that I have begun the process of making changes in my diet that I think will only make me healthier.

I do know that everyone doesn't agree with the author, but what I read made a lot of sense to me so I am going to give it a chance.  

And PS, I did the low carb thing and lost weight, but I also am on the verge of high cholesterol so I really want to give this option a try.   (It was while I was doing the diet that someone told me to read this book.)

And not that anyone else cares but when I was first diagnosed with high cholesterol,
I exercised, like crazy, I mean 30-45 minutes a day, did it for 6 months until it was time to get my blood checked again and guess what?  It only changed like 10 points.

10 POINTS!!!!!

Yea!  Well, after that, I decided while exercise is good for you, our diet is more important.
And I did go on cholesterol medicine, and was on it for probably 4 years maybe and last year when I went for my physical my numbers were pretty low so he took me off of it.

So, after saying all that I really want to see what my numbers are like after eating a diet of
mostly vegetables and fruits.  I do allow myself red meat twice a week, although if I could I would like to eat it even less.

I mean think about it, if plants were good enough for Adam and Eve, I think they are good enough for me.


Also, I was given two great pieces of furniture to make over.  I love it when my friends get new furniture because they always ask me if I want the old.

And it's old, one piece is over 100 years old.  

(If we heard that once we heard it a thousand times.) Ha! Ha!!!