Friday, September 25, 2009

Fishing and CFS

This is the reason that I can't get the doors made for my cabinet!

And he's been back from this trip for a week, but never fear, we have purchased what we need for the doors and if I have to tie him to a table saw, he's going to finish!!!

Sometimes I think most men have CFS (Can't finish Stuff), they like to start a project, and when they are almost done, they move on to something else. Now of course, if you ask him it would be my fault this isn't finished. He couldn't help he was going fishing, he couldn't help he had to help someone else with a project. But keep this in mind. while he was gone fishing, I, just me, all by myself, dismantled the hutch. Except for the part where I asked my carpenter friend to come and cut something out for me. So now who can't finish stuff?

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