Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Movie Review!

This weekend, Mr. Wonderful and baby boy went down east to do a little fishing.

Well, you know the old saying,  While the cat's away. . . .  me and baby girl will play!!!

She has been asking to go to the movies but I just didn't want to see Charlie St. Cloud.  I am sure it is a good movie, but it looked a little sad and I don't really want to pay $8 to go sit in the theater and cry.  So I talked her into something even better.

The Other Guys!!!!

What did we have to lose?  Will Ferrell is super funny and Mark Wahlberg was easy to look at.  So you can safely say it had something for everyone.

It was well worth my money, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So did BG!  It was funny and it even had a good story.

So I'd give it a definite Thumbs up!!!!


  1. I'll have to see that one! I don't watch a lot of movies except my favorites over and over again. It would be great to see something new for a change (:

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. ok, this is attempt number 3 at leaving a comment! I keep getting errors! So if you actually do end up with three comments from me, I appologize!
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the sweet comment on my wine bottles and Minor Imperfections and for becoming a follower!
    I'm glad The Other Guys is worthwhile! I'm looking forward to seeing it with my husband.