Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Radical, Chapter 2

Too Hungry for Words

This chapter left me with a lot of questions.

Am I as thirsty for the word as I need to be?  As I should be?

Is God's grace enough? Is that all I have to do is believe it, and not act on it?  If I don't act will he say he doesn't know me?  

Is it that, "We are not ready to give him what he asks for because our hearts are set against him.  God's revelation in the Gospel not only reveals who he is, but it also reveals who we are."
Ch. 2 Pg 30

Have we forgotten that we didn't choose him, he chose us.  We need him, yet we only want him on our own terms.

Is it OK to only talk of God's love, and not even discuss judgement?  If all we have to do is believe, then will everyone who says it get to heaven?  Are there no consequences to sin?

Maybe that is the difference between believing and surrendering.  

This was one of my favorite parts, we do not have to earn our way to Jesus through Radical obedience, but we don't we are all given the gift of grace freely through faith.  We could never be good enough for God.  Why do you think that is my favorite, because I doubt myself?

With the gift of grace comes a new heart.

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  1. That new heart thing is the key to the whole chapter {in my opinion} Enjoying the uncomfortable journey with you..

  2. Renee,

    Thanks for stopping and commenting at my blog, today. I understand where you are- more questions than answers at this point. But I am glad to be asking them- to be seeking to conform to His image!

  3. I wonder if we can really, truly believe without surrendering. Great thoughts, Renee!