Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

I can't believe you are 17!


Has it been 17 years since we brought that sweet little curly haired girl home from the hospital?

It really doesn't seem like you should be that old.

So, just for the fun of it, here are 17 things that I love about you.

1.  Your honesty.  (Sometimes that can get us into trouble but I love that about you.)
2.  Your a self motivator, and while at 17 you may not think much of that but it will come in handy and you get older.
3.  You are not afraid to try new things.  This too will come in handy later on.
4.  Even at 17, you still like to hang out with your family.  Maybe not all the time, but I think you still enjoy our company.
5.  You are compassionate to others.  It is a wonderful quality to have.
6.  I love your hair.  At your age I paid good money for hair like that.
7.  You are a hard worker and not afraid to get your hands dirty.
8.  You know that true beauty comes from the inside.
9.  You are a very good judge of character, even though I don't always give you enough credit for that.
10.  You are the least lazy teenager I know.
11.  You have a great big heart!
12.  You feel bad when you hurt someones feelings and that says a lot about your character.
13.  If you say you will do something, then I know I can count on you to do it.  That one will get you a long way in life.
14.  I love how you still like to watch movies and shows with me.
15.  You are the first one to get ready and always push me to be on time.
16.  You love Jesus.
17.  You make me want to be the best mom I can, you are so encouraging, loving, faithful, and just make being your mom my pleasure.

I love you!!  

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  1. Happy birthday baby girl! She gets a lot of those traits from her mom!