Monday, August 5, 2013

A foodie and a Food truck

This past weekend, Mr. Wonderful and I spent some quality time together at the local
Co-op Farmers Market.

They were having several different food trucks and a band, so we really want to go check it out.

And it turned out, we really enjoyed it.

I think I've mentioned before that Mr. Wonderful loves to cook.

Loves it! (I've mentioned being on Hell's Kitchen, but I think he would mouth off to Mr. Ramsey and get into quite a bit of trouble.)

So anyway, one of the main reasons he wanted to go was to check out the Food trucks.

I think there were 6 or 7 there, can't remember for sure.

We got there about the time it was looking like rain, so there wasn't really a crowd.

Sorry about my finger.

They even had a band,
and though I didn't know who they were, they were good.

We split a sandwich from one of the Food trucks and it was great!

It was all cheesy and toasted, and gooey, and downright tasty!

Of course when we left we were discussing the option of maybe getting a food truck instead of opening a restaurant.

Mr. Wonderful is quite the dreamer.

I like that about him.

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