Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Winner is. . . . . .

I absolutely love, love, love, love, love Hell's Kitchen. I know Gordon Ramsey comes off as some Meany, but sometimes when you watch, you will catch the sweet side of Gordon.

Last night was the season finale, and it came down to Dave and Kevin. Both are absolutely great chef's. Dave is really strong in the kitchen but comes off a little cocky at times. I have to say I didn't think it would happen like it did, but I am so excited about the outcome.

Congratulations to Dave!!!! I was so glad Dave won, he seemed to be truly grateful!! He was a real trooper this season. He broke his wrist and kept on cooking. What a man, huh? I have to say that Dave never complained about working with any of the chefs, and he wasn't ugly to any of them. He showed them respect and in the end it paid off.

Every season the final 2 get to pick from some of the chefs that competed with him, and lucky for Dave he had won a challenge and he got first pick. He made the perfect choice with Ariel. (She was in the final 3 for you people who don't watch). So the first person Kevin picked was Van. He was a good chef who didn't always have the best attitude. But he cooked his heart out for Kevin.

I love the way they announce the winner, by having them stand behind the door and turn the knob, if your door opens, YOU WIN!!! Dave was so surprised, after his door opened he just stood there. He didn't go down the steps, he just stood there. His fiancee and sister ran up to hug him. It was really sweet.

I guess sometimes the nice guy does win.

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