Friday, June 25, 2010

What must I do?

This week in Bible study we were talking about the passage in Luke 18:18 regarding the rich man who asked Jesus, "What must I do to get into heaven?"

As we went over the scripture, I noticed that when Jesus answered the man, he told him that he needed to obey the commandments, don't steal, don't commit adultery, don't murder, don't lie, and honor your father and mother.

After he said that, the man said, I've been doing these things since I was a child.

Then Jesus says, there is still one thing you aren't doing, sell all that you have and give it to the poor.  Then, come and follow me.

With that, the man went away, very sad.

That's what gets me, the man was very sad, maybe he was sad because he thought he was doing good, maybe he really was a good man, but unfortunately, he must have thought  a lot of his things also. 

With this story we don't hear the ending, we don't know if the man did go and sell his things and follow Jesus.  One of the things that leads me to believe that the rich man was a good man is because when he walked away sad, the other people in the crowd said, if it is that hard, how can anyone get into heaven? 

That kind of lead me to believe maybe he was one of those people who are just good people, and maybe he felt he didn't really need to do anything special, because in his eyes he was good enough.  If we could just be good, then why would we need grace? 

Know anyone like that?  This week I watched The Case for Christ, and I was amazed at the introduction with so many people who didn't really think they needed God.  I have to say I was a little blown away.  But it is a good movie for someone who may feel like they need some kind of evidence regarding the bible.  Personally, I just believe it.

So anyway, maybe the man did sell his possessions, maybe he came to realize that even with all his wealth and his possessions something was missing.  A peace and joy that can't come from things of this world.  They come from knowing the Lord.


  1. So thankful for His grace. There is NOTHING I can do to make Him love me more...or less. I DO want to further His Kingdom though. I try to ask myself every morning *What can I do today for the kingdom?*

  2. Such a good post (: I have met many people who believe being good is all they need and then others who are Christians, but yet believe that they can fall from grace if they aren't good enough. Both fall short. That's why grace is such a gift. We aren't required to do anything except accept the love gift that God gave of His son. Other than that, nothing is required. The neat thing is that when we do accept that gift, we are forever changed and then want to do the "good things."

    Thank you for stopping by my was so good to see you (: I recently became a follower and look forward to coming back for future posts.


  3. I love that story, though it does make me sad. Seems like we're always pulled between wanting the things of this world that give us comfort and the feeling of safety, and God's world, which calls us to risk it all in the name of love.
    Thank goodness for grace-that's all I can say.
    Beautiful post!