Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Projects for 2011

I have already been talking to Mr. Wonderful about wanting to paint.

I want to paint my kitchen, living room and dining room.  I would really like to do more but I know it won't get done so I'm thinking I may as well not even mention it.

I also want to work on my basement.  I know, I said that last year and nothing.  Believe it or not last year was pretty crazy for us,  so that has something to do with it, but mostly we just kept putting it off.  Oh, I have moved that furniture around more than once and I have organized, but we still have too much stuff, and we still have to do some upgrades.

I know that I want to paint the living room in a blue or blue gray.

Maybe something like this one,

Tidewater blue/Sherwin Williams


Tibetan Sky/Sherwin Williams

 I can't really decide, I like them both.

1 comment:

  1. both are lovely. I know it will look great. We are in the process of painting my kitchen and hall. White - just plain white. I don't think I have ever used white - always eggshell or sand or something. I am hoping for a clean, fresh look. Also hoping it will go with whatever I decide to use for decorations. stay tuned.