Thursday, August 11, 2011

Picking out shoes

Baby Girl is running Cross Country at school this year, and while she has always been a runner.  Running long distances is beginning to take a toll on her chins.  So I thought we would get new shoes.

These just look like they would be great running shoes don't they?  

How about these?

I just thought they were adorable.  But I won't be running.

These look like good running shoes and they come in various arch sizes.

And of course there are these,

What is it about Nike that makes us think we can run faster, jump higher, and just plain kick butt?

I guess deep down we all wanna be like Mike.


  1. That's why I have Nikes. So I can run and jump.

  2. How many chins does she have & how is it effecting them? Sorry, just had to give you a hard time!