Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Conversation with teenage drivers

This week our daughter is  taking a friend's children to school so we were having a conversation in the car with her about how she really needed to be careful with other kids in the car.

I personally think she is a pretty darn good teenage driver, but then I am biased I suppose.
I have to say, the man tends to get uptight while riding with baby girl and he doesn't know when to let something just go.  If you know what I mean.

Anyway, we were riding in the car and here was the conversation.

Man:  "You need to stop playing with the radio and pay attention to the cars in front of you."

Baby Girl:  "I am paying attention, you do it all the time, you even talk on your phone."

Man:  "Did you ever hear that most accidents happen because you aren't paying attention."

BG:  "No, but I think I did hear something about cell phones causing accidents."

Please know that at this point I had to interject and tell the kids to stop arguing.  Really, sometimes they argue like a bunch of  babies.  I had to give her credit for the comeback though, that was a pretty good one.  But the man didn't really see the humor in it.

Imagine that?

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