Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Bible study

We started a new Bible study a few weeks ago on Prayer.

We were all given some questions about what we thought about prayer and what we wanted to get out of our study.

It has just been a great study so far and we are still in the beginning stages of it, but one of the things that was brought up in class was this.

If God already knows what will happen, then why pray?

We discussed this a little last night.  

Can we change God's mind?  I doubt it, but there is some merit to the way Moses pleaded for the Israelites when they were making Idols and God wanted to kill them all and start over.  But Moses begged God not to do it, and in his "praying" he must have decided that he would give them another chance because he didn't destroy them and start over like he told Moses he would.

Did Moses change his mind?

I don't know.  Maybe.

Was God just trying to see if Moses would stand up for the people that he just delivered from captivity.


Does God take our feelings and wishes in consideration if we earnestly, and humbly take it to him in prayer?

I hope so.  I really do, but I also know that he is all knowing and it will only happen if he allows it to.

So do we stop asking God for help when we need it?


Because if there is something we can take away from the relationship that Moses had with God then it should be that if we will continue to seek him and ask him for guidance, and strength to do his will, then there is always hope that we can get to the same kind of relationship with him that Moses had.

I am sure Moses got as frustrated with those people as I get with people in my life too, but even in his frustration and disappointment he continued to pray for them.  

So should we.

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