Friday, July 27, 2012

Spaghetti as an appetizer, really?

The other night as the Mr. and I were watching our favorite show, we came to the realization that we really no absolutely nothing about fine dining.

While the chefs were preparing appetizers, one of which was spaghetti, we couldn't quite get past the fact that we don't see spaghetti as an appetizer.

Mr. Wonderful said maybe we just aren't wealthy enough to appreciate spaghetti as an appetizer because our idea of an appetizer is jalapeno poppers and cheesy fries, not to mention the favorite at our house, chicken wings.

So then we started thinking maybe that is a west coast thing.

Or maybe it is a fine dining thing.

Either way, it seemed to be over our heads.  Because what we view as an appetizer (and a good one at that) didn't seem to be anywhere on their menu.

Hmmmmm, I guess we should stick with the southern cooks who know what a real appetizer is like Paula Deen.

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