Monday, September 10, 2012

Remembering Grandparents

Yesterday was Grandparent's Day.

Is it me or do we have a day set aside for just about everybody you can think of?

At our church when we have a special day like yesterday, our gift of choice is candy.  All the older people are given candy bars and we say a few words about why we are grateful for them.

While the kids were handing out the candy bars I was remembering about my own Grandparents.

One of the things that sticks about about my Grandparents is that every Sunday was set aside to visit them.  We would eat lunch at my mom's parents, aka Grandma and Paw Paw L.   Then we went to my dad's moms house, Grandma P.

I would like to say that NO ONE can make a cheese biscuit like my Grandma P, or stewed potatoes.  Best you have ever put in your mouth.

My other Grandparents had a dog, Suzie, and Paw Paw would feed her ice cream.  Who can resist a dog eating ice cream?  Their house was one of those houses where all the cousins met and we could take off and roam the neighborhood.  I grew up in the country so neighborhoods were a huge deal to me.

I remember staying with my Grandmother P while my mom worked occasionally, and she would rock me to sleep after a bible story and singing hymns.   I can honestly say I never heard her say one ugly thing.  No bad words, nothing mean about anyone, nothing.

Today, my kids think my mom makes better green beans than anyone they know.  Maybe its just some sort of spell that Grandparents have over their grandchildren, probably because they can send them home when they start acting up.

No matter what, Grandparents are special.

If you still have them, then go see them and spend some time with them.

If you don't then tell your kids what you loved about your grandparents, because as kids grow up sometimes they don't see the grandparents as often as they would like. 

So I hope you remembered and celebrated grandparents day in some way, whether it was with a candy bar or a phone call, or a meal.

Family matters.

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