Thursday, September 19, 2013

What would you wish for?

When we started our new bible study we were all asked what our favorite bible story was.

Now, I have to tell you I have many favorites, but I knew that they were probably the same ones that everyone else had, so I tried to think of one that doesn't get talked about as much.

So when we went around the table telling our stories, I was glad to hear that no one picked mine.

Do you know what it is?

Mine was the story about Solomon being asked by God, if he could have anything he wanted what would he ask for?

First of all can you imagine being able to ask for whatever you wanted?
Seriously?  I just can't even wrap my head around that one.

OK, so Solomon, who loved the Lord, asked him for discernment in governing his country in the way God would have him do it.  He asked for wisdom.  Because he knew he needed God's help to be a good king.

God was so impressed with Solomon's answer that he told him because he didn't ask for anything for himself, he would be given what he asked for and MORE.  He was given wealth, honor, and there was not then, or has ever been, a king as great as Solomon.  

Isn't that an amazing story of obedience, look at what God did for a man who asked for something with a pure heart, and all he wanted was to please God.  

Yes, I know, as time goes on Solomon loses his way, but look at what God did with him when he was trying to please him.  He was the wisest king EVER, and people came from all over the world to hear him speak.

You see even Solomon wasn't perfect, but look at how God blessed him for being obedient, imagine what he can do for you.

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