Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Changing times

Whew, where does the time go, right?  I know, it's been too long, and honestly I don't really have any excuses except that I have had some changes which I am about to tell you.  I also didn't really feel like I had anything worth talking about.  

As I was saying that yesterday, I read a blog about something random that happened and it was so funny I laughed my head off.  Really funny.  So that made me think what happens to me might just be more interesting than I thought.

So, since I've been gone my sweet baby boy has gotten married.

And it was awesome!

His bride wanted a beach wedding, so guess what?  

She got it!

It couldn't have been any more perfect.  It wasn't too hot, it was around 78 and a little breezy, but it was just perfect.

This is the sweet bride with her parents.  I can't tell you what great people they are, it was such fun helping all of them with the wedding.  

We were so lucky that our Pastor was able to marry them, he is such a great person and he is retiring this month and I hate to see him leave.  He has been such a great teacher and inspiration to me.

They look so happy don't they?

We were so lucky my mom and my Aunt (who is like a second mother to me) were able to go.

My son's best friend since birth practically was with us also, and I would just like to say some girl will never have a dull moment with this guy.  He is awesome!

These last ones are just some family pics that we took, and some are just because.

Mr. Wonderful's family

Baby boy's family

My people

We had such a great time, it was truly a celebration!!!!

We are blessed to be such a close family and I love that about us, the new bride loves it too.  

While it was sad to let go of our sweet boy, we gained a wonderful daughter and we love them beyond measure.

One of the things that stands out the most in my mind about the day is when we were all at the house getting ready to leave for the beach and my husband wanted to pray for the new couple and it was so sweet.  

So, that's what I've been doing, letting go of the past and moving on into the future.  I had a boss once who told me young people shouldn't have a problem with change it's the older ones who have a hard time moving on.   I suppose that's true, but I guess I was ready for a little change.  I am learning to celebrate the now, exactly where I am at this moment, and it's pretty good.

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  1. Great pictures! I pray they have years and years of a great marriage!