Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The gift of light

I have had a Home Depot gift card just burning a hole in my pocket for about a month now, and this weekend I finally used it.

I have been wanting to change the lights in the dining room and kitchen for a while now, and since I had some funds available then I decided to go for it while I was able to get my husband to help me.

We started off with these standard brass chandeliers in the dining room.

I know, don't look at the mess on the table.  It's the light you should be focusing on.

So, here is what we have now.

Isn't it amazing?  

I absolutely love it.

So we went ahead and took down the chandelier in the kitchen and put up one of these beauties in there also.

Ta Da!!!!

I know, I really do need to clean off my tables.  

That will be next on my to do list, I promise.

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