Tuesday, August 5, 2014

His awesome power!

Recently we took a semi-vacation to the river for a few days, and it just so happened that there was a hurricane coming in as we got there.

Yea, I wasn't thrilled about driving into a hurricane either but the Mr. was insistent that everything would be fine.

Famous last words huh?  Kind of like, hey, watch this!

So, while we had lots of rain and wind, we were very fortunate that we didn't have any downed trees and we still had power.  Having the power was great because the humidity was unbearable, and I have been there after hurricanes and not had power so we felt pretty fortunate to still have it.

After getting up the next morning and making sure everything was OK, we decided to go ahead and get our stuff ready to take the boat out for the day.  

That's when Mr. Wonderful came in and said "Everybody get in the truck, you have got to see this."  

So, as you can imagine, we all jumped in the truck to see what he was so excited about.

That's when we saw it.

The water seemed to have just gone away.  It was an amazing site to see what was just full of water be so dry that we could walk into the river.

This is the view looking back to the beach area.  


I think this must have been what the Israelites' must have felt like when they walked through the Red sea.  

There were places that still had water, the deeper spots I guess, but it was still shallow enough that we could walk through most of it.

Isn't it amazing what God can do!!!!

Just a short time earlier we were full, and then a storm and we are empty.

One of the things that come to my mind when I see these pictures, one is just how powerful God is.  He has control over ALL things and if he can do this, there's nothing he can't do.  

Also, just in case you were wondering, we did walk out into the river, mostly because we were simply amazed, but we didn't stay out there but a few minutes because we had no idea how long it would stay out or how fast it would come in.

We went back to the house for maybe an hour I don't really think it was that long, and by the time we got back down there it was almost all the way back in.

Amazing, isn't it?  

Well, it was to me.

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