Wednesday, August 13, 2014

His will or yours?

This weekend I heard the best analogy of God's will.

I have to admit I am one of those people who had a fear of what God's will was for me and my family, this story explains it in such a way that anyone can understand, especially mothers.

There is a mother who has a son, and he is the only child so as you can imagine, he becomes her whole world.  There is nothing that she loves more than spending time with him, playing and reading to him, she cannot imagine her life without him.  So she is very protective and won't let the boy do much of anything. 
A friend approaches her and tries to tell her that she just has to trust God, the boy will be fine, but the mother is afraid.  She is afraid that if she isn't there to protect him that God will let something bad happen to the boy.
The friend says, what if God let you control the boys life, if it were your will be done, then what kind of things would you have happen to him?  Would you wish bad things on him?  
The mother said No, of course not, I only want what is best for my boy.
The friend says, surely God loves him more than you do, you should know that God doesn't want any harm to come to him, he only wants him to be happy, and blessed, and for him to love God as much as God loves him.

When it is put like that, how can we not ask that God's will be done.  Even in the worst of times, his will is not to hurt us, only to bless us.

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