Monday, February 23, 2009

The Ramsey Test

OK, We recently (this past payday) began the envelope system. We are trying the Dave Ramsey plan. While doing this you are suppose to use all of the paycheck (for that period) and end in a $0 balance. This scares me a little. But I am nothing if not adventurous, so we gave it a try. I managed to pay all of my bills, then put the appropriated money into the envelopes for things like groceries, restaurants, and a few other things. I designated $150 for 2 weeks worth of groceries, shopped the specials and only got the things on my list, and was very proud of the fact that I only went over $8. I mean we're talking about two teenagers here. So I did it, my only hope is that I have no unexpected expenses to pop up. I think I can make it for two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed.

*When I say I managed to pay all my bills, I only meant the ones that are due before my next payday.

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