Monday, November 2, 2009


, at church I overheard a conversation between a Grandpa and his Granddaughter.

She is probably 6 or 7. Here is how it unfolded.

First let me set the scene, another Grandparent was holding her Grand baby, you know showing him off which is exactly what Grandparents are suppose to do. While everyone was oooohhing and aaaaaahing over the baby this is what unfolded.
*Please note the abbreviations.

GP: One day, I want you to have a Grand baby like that so I can hold him. But now I don't want that to happen till you are 25 or so.

GD: Why do you and Grandma argue?

GP: Me and Grandma don't argue.

GD: Yes you do, like when you are in the car going somewhere.

GP: That's not arguing, we are just having a disagreement. Everybody disagrees sometimes.
When we disagree, then we just discuss what we should do. We aren't arguing.
There isn't anybody who doesn't disagree sometimes. Everyone does that.

GD: Do they argue? (Pointing to someone)

GP: Yes, everyone does.

GD: I bet there are people in that book that argue. (Speaking about the bible)

GP: Probably.

Now I have to say that when the conversation first started, I did get the giggles. When Grandpa was going on about how they weren't arguing they were just having a discussion. I really almost lost it. I couldn't stop thinking about all the time I had had a discussion with my husband in the car.

I just thought that was so funny! And I don't know how the conversation went from grand babies to arguing. That's kids for you.

Later on, you know how the kids will go up to the front for a little childrens message. All the kids went up front. The message was about fishing for men. The lady up front happen to have a fishing pole, she said if I use worms to catch a fish, what would I use to catch men.
One very smart child said chocolate. Another threw out candy. But I definitely think they were on the right track, you will surely need food if you want to catch a man.

Kids really do say the darndest things don't they?


  1. Reminder to Nonny: Don't argue in the car.

  2. These are very cute stories, about arguing and about how to catch a man. Chocolate is a pretty good idea.

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