Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a difference Faith can make

Sunday, our Sermon at church was about Hannah and Samuel. He started off talking about how Hannah had always wanted children and yet she wasn't able to have any. Hannah's husband Elkanah also had another wife named Peninnah. (Apparently not uncommon, though frowned upon today.) Peninnah teased Hannah to the point of tears. Hannah went to the temple to pray, she was so overcome with grief over not being able to bear children she couldn't even eat.

While she was there, as she prayed she asked God to give her a son, and if he would, she would give him back to the Lord. While she was praying and crying, the priest thought she was drunk. When she explained her situation to him, he understood and said "may God grant your request."

After that Hannah's whole attitude changed, she was no longer sad, she was eating and had a whole new attitude. In time, Hannah had a son, and she was true to her word, when he was weaned she sent him to live with the priest at the temple. She completely gave him to the Lord.

What a woman!! I am completely in awe of how Hannah took her son to live at the temple when he was probably very, very young.

Another amazing thing was how her attitude changed the minute the priest gave her his blessing. She was completely at ease and she had the attitude that she would be getting pregnant. She knew it in her heart, that God would take care of it, in his time.

One of the things the Preacher talked about was how powerful prayer can be when it is in line with what God has planned. Look at what Samuel was to become. And Hannah went on to have more children. God's plans for us now, probably don't really seem like plans at all. Why are these things happening to me, why now? Well, we can't see the end result, not yet. But there is a reason. We just have to have faith, and trust. Like Hannah.

Let's be Hannah, we can pray about whatever it is we feel like we need, give our prayer over to the Lord. Completely, don't worry over it any more!

Have faith, in his time, your prayer will be fulfilled.


  1. I want to have the faith of Hannah for someone in my life in her same situation. I pray God gives me the trust He desires me to have. Very good post!