Thursday, April 15, 2010

Falling on Deaf ears.

Luke 9: 44,45
"Don't forget what I tell you now:  The Son of Man will be handed over to the people."  But the followers did not understand what this meant; the meaning was hidden from them so they could not understand.  But they were afraid to ask Jesus about it.

Last night at bible study, someone asked a question about why the meaning was hidden from the disciples when Jesus told them he would be handed over to the people. This led to a discussion about how we don't always see what God is doing until he is ready for us to see him.

And then someone asked, What do you think God is doing right now in the world?  

Now, that is a pretty broad question in that we are talking about the whole world and not just our little neighborhood, or in our lives for that matter.  I can tell you that my little peanut brain could not even begin to know what God is doing. 

Take the disciples, they don't want to think that Jesus will have to die on a cross, so they don't want to talk about it.  How many situations have you been in where things may not be perfect but instead of facing them, we try to act like it is happening to someone else, or just ignore it all together.  

When the time comes, and goes, then we are able to look back and see where God was in the situation.  Some situations can be so painful that it takes us longer to find him, if I suppose we find him at all, in them.  But I think that even if we can't see him, that doesn't mean he wasn't there.

But God has an infinite plan that we will only see completed when we are with him.  Where we are, is exactly where we are suppose to be.  

That is amazing to me! 

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