Monday, April 26, 2010

Fast, fast food!

This past weekend was a ball tournament for BG, we had to travel to Winston, not too far, but not that close either.  And usually, when we go to these things we take  plenty of food.  Usually picnic style with plenty of waters and Gatorade's.  

This weekend I decided since we would be done relatively early, we would just stop somewhere and get a quick bite.

So we decided to stop closer to home at a fast food place, I won't say the name, because, well you'll see when I'm done with the story.

Now, this restaurant is never crowded anyway, never.  It's one of BG's favorite places so we decided to stop, I at first thought we would just go through the drive thru because we were pretty close to home and after the beating the girls took, I was ready to get home.

But believe it or not Mr. Wonderful decided we would go in and eat, (so of course this is all his fault).  There is another customer in there with her child but as we sit down, she is leaving.  The guy taking our order was very polite, couldn't have been nicer really.  

We get our drinks, and sit down, waiting on Mr. Wonderful with the tray.  When he sits down and distributes the food a few more employees decide to mosey on over to the front counter where they are in the middle of a conversation.

It goes like this:

Girl:  It was the worst sex I've ever had!

Boy:  Why?

Girl:  Because I'm fat!  
(I want to say at this point I thought, poor girl, that has nothing to do with it, you know, low self esteem, etc.)

The rest of the conversation was way more graphic, HBO, Cinemax graphic!  

By now I had told Mr. Wonderful, if you don't say something I will, it was beginning to get ridiculous.  Of course the kids, didn't want us to say anything, but why start listening to them now right?  

I mean listening to that conversation, which we could clearly hear, word for word, yet we were embarrassing them?  

So when he says something they disperse, but by then, I'm pretty ticked, so I tell him to get their names.  My son is telling everyone to hurry up and eat so we can leave at this point.  My daughter said she was going to sit in the car.  

HELLO, I paid good money for this food, I would like to eat it without feeling like I was at the Circle G.  (This was an adult drive in, and NO I didn't ever go.)

So, we finish and leave, vowing that we will never darken their doorstep again!  The more I thought about it, the more I thought that the girl doing the talking may be the manager.  She was wearing a different shirt than the rest of the employees and when my husband said something, she sent the boy to the back!

I have called the number on the back of my receipt and I have called the central office, they will definitely hear from me, just out of curiosity what would you have done?  Let it go?  I  tried to at first I really did, but they just wouldn't stop talking about it.  Believe it or not I don't like confrontation but at what point do we stand up for what is right?

What would you do?


  1. You are absolutely right to take a stand. I am sure the owner of this establishment would like to know that his staff, maybe even his manager are running off business. Good job!

  2. UNBELIEVABLE! Or maybe it is believable! I would call too. UGH!!

  3. I probably would have said something a lot sooner. In fact as soon as I heard the word sex.
    I would have been civil, but I certainly would have spoken up.
    As for not going back.... I probably would. Those workers (hopefully) will not last long.
    Owner... oh you betcha I would let him/her know.
    Keep us posted as to the outcome, k?

  4. I would have said something. I would also contact a corporate office (besides the number on the receipt). Even if it was a locally owned franchise, I would still call a corporate office.

    That was completely inappropriate of those employees!

  5. Oh yes I would have said something and called too! That was soo inappropriate and apparently they didn't have a clue because if they had they would have at least whispered! Nothing to do but let someone higher up know. Not good for business!

  6. That's ridiculous!
    My goodness - I would have said something too!!