Monday, May 17, 2010

And the winner is. . . . .

I have to say that I have loved this year's Survivor with Heroes and VillainsI loved all the Heroes, especially Colby.  I really  wanted to see him go all the way to the end, but old Russell must have thought he had a better chance of winning if he was gone.
 So here are the final three.

Parvati, Russell, and Sandra.  Now, Parvati has won before and so has Sandra, Russell has not.  Bless his heart he really thought that stabbing people in the back would pay off in the end, and guess what?  It didn't.

I have to say I was glad when Sandra won the first time, and I was just as happy for her this time.  I like Parvati too, she just seemed to play the game a little dirtier more aggressive than Sandra. 

I'm glad Sandra won! She was as honest and up front as any player I've seen.  Other than CW, he should have gotten a little farther in the game, but he trusted Russell and it didn't pay off.

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