Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ask yourself

Last night at Bible study, we were talking about how things have changed and are changing in Church.  

One thing we learned was how when the Methodist church was first beginning they had small groups, which I love by the way.  Small Groups are the in thing I guess you would say now, but what I loved about the way they use to be done was the questions that they were asked.

I think the Pastor said they asked about five questions, but 3 really stuck out in my mind.  Keep in mind that they met weekly and had discussions on the same questions.

First of all, What evidence have you seen of Christ in your life?

Second, What temptations were you subjected to?

Third, what temptations did you fall prey to?

Those I think are great questions, the first one being my favorite.  So, I want to share my answers with you.

I have got to say I see evidence of Christ all around me, from the flowers and the trees, to my family, and even my job.  This week I was aware of how God put me in a great work environment with fellow Christians, as I watched a coworker helping a friend.  I saw my sister in law take my mom to the Dr., all of those things are evidence of Christ and his works in my life.

What temptations have I been around?  Hmmm, this one could get sticky.  I feel sure I have gotten angry over something stupid, I have been short with my kids, and I have envied what I don't have.  Now, I am sure that isn't all, but it's all I can think of right now.

What temptations have I given in to?  Well, while I was angry I probably said some things that I definitely shouldn't have said.  I thought some pretty unkind things, and remember thinking it is just as bad as saying or doing it.  I think that this week, that pretty much does it, but it is just Thursday.


  1. I love how you WANT to do something for the kingdom...and how you strive to honor HIM. *All have sinned and come short of the glory*. But that's why He gives us grace!