Monday, May 24, 2010

Still Learning!

This weekend was sooooo busy!  

Grandma's Birthday!

Had to go buy BG some new shoes!

Had a Coupon Class with These Girls!

The class was so informative, and they really made it seem doable!  I have to tell you I know of 2 people who couldn't wait and went straight to Harris Teeter to see how good they could do and they did great.  They saved at least $20, which for a first time couponer sounds great to me.

The things I learn from the blogging world are just amazing, and if I can save any money by using their tips then believe me I am gonna do it.  Not only are they smart but they were super cute and even super sweet!

What a weekend!

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  1. Sometimes weekends are so busy we have to go back to work to recover!! Thanks for doing the coupon!