Friday, September 9, 2011


First, lets talk reality shows.

I have admitted my weakness for Jersey Shore, so that's old news.  But Baby Girl is into several reality shows.

One of which is Keeping up with the Kardashians.  You know Bruce Jenner's family, Khloe and Lamar, and now Kris and Kim, and lets not forget Scott and Kourtney.  There are others, that is only a few of the sisters.

Let me just say, when I think my life is dysfunctional, just cut on the Kardishians.  Really starts putting things in perspective.

She also really likes those teen mom shows.  There are days when I watch an episode with her, just to stress the importance of abstinence, and I can't believe how people act.  When I get like that I start telling her what I don't like about those people on the show and she gets mad and tells me to leave the room.  Which I don't by the way, so she will usually get mad and leave the room herself.  

You know what that means, right.

I get the remote!   HA!

On another note, we had quite a bit of rain, so once again, the patio is stalled.

Really getting tired of waiting for the planets to align so we can finish it, but whatever.

After Mr. Wonderful got back from his fishing trip, he has not stopped talking about going back.  Yea, that means the patio again must wait.  I tried to throw some husband guilt his way, but he was way too focused to pay attention to it.

It is Friday, so that is really good news!!

It has been pretty busy around the house with everyone getting back to school and a normal schedule, so I am looking forward to resting. 

OK, have a great weekend!

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