Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thoughts on Thankfulness

This weekend we ended the summer with one last hoorah at the river.

We were very fortunate in the fact that while we had tree's down, no major structural damage, and we didn't have any water damage.  

We saw so much water damage.  Sooo much, people had to replace duct work, flooring, and much of their furniture.  All of which was sitting in the streets.  

We didn't get power until Sunday night, but again we were fortunate.

I am thankful.

Thankful, for generators, so that we were able to clean up in some minimal comfort.

Unfortunately, there are counties down east that don't have a lot of income, and therefore, they will need a lot of help getting things back to the way they were.  While we were outside the Red Cross van came by offering us food and drinks.  While we didn't need any, I know there are people in our area that do.

There is a man who comes by our house and always asks for our cans.  (He collects them for money.)  While he was there he was telling us about the damage to his house from the hurricane. 

He asked my husband if we knew the neighbor across the street.  He said "Yes, I know Luke."

He said "He must be rich, he lets me go through his trash."

When he came in and told us that, I almost cried.  

We are blessed.  

So, he got our cans and anything else we could find around the house.  

This was a community playground with a bathhouse.

All that's left is a pile of rubble where the bathhouse was and the basketball goal.   The bird house actually made it too.

There were lots of picnic tables for enjoying the view, but they were washed away.

But we did manage to find time to have some fun.

The water was amazing on Sunday, AMAZING!!!!

So we took the boat to Oriental, and did a little fishing.

We weren't the only ones who decided to go fishing.

But I bet they weren't trying to get one of these.

Look at that!!!

It's a drum, and they put up quite a fight getting them in.  They were kind of pretty too.  They make a drum noise when you take them out of the water.

Don't worry, it was a catch and release.  We were fishing for a citation size drum, and we got it!!!!

Well, I didn't really care about the fishing part, I just like being on the boat and enjoying the views.

It was a good way to end the summer.

Thankful for everything!


  1. So many things to be grateful for! Thanks for sharing! That fish is so huge! I can't even believe it!:)

  2. We cannot even begin to imagine how blessed we are! Thank you for the reminder. LOVE the pictures!

  3. Wow - amazing fish! Glad you didn't have too much damage.