Monday, December 12, 2011

Are you done?

Today I heard on the radio that there are only 13 days till Christmas.


I feel like this year everything has just kind of snuck up on me, but even though I didn't realize how close it really was to being here, I have gotten most of my shopping done.

I actually love to do as much of it as I can online.  I would rather be able to sit around in my PJ's and order something than have to go out and fight the crowds, or get to the store only to find that they don't have what I'm looking for.  So, for that reason I did probably 75% of my shopping online.

The other 25% I went into the store and actually had face to face contact with the store personnel.  And it wasn't so bad. 

I took my mom to get her stuff, and she had none by the way, but she managed to get absolutely everything that she needed.

It was awesome!  She was exhausted, but extremely relieved to be done.

Now, we have to get her tree put up.

We'll do that tomorrow.


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