Friday, April 5, 2013

Things that make you go hmmmm

It's Friday, so that is just praiseworthy in itself, but I thought I would share some of the 
posts that I have read this week that really make you think.

This ONE really hit home after all the food documentaries I've been watching.

But frankly I love everything that she says on her blog.  

She's a wise woman.

And just because this has been the headlines in the news this week.

Is anyone else worried about North Korea?
You can get the latest on that at CNN.

On the lighter side, here are just a few of my favorite pins this week.

Don't they look awesome?

Baby girl just started working at a place that makes these,
and I have been craving them.
Thanks to Pinterest, I can make them

For our church Easter egg hunt I tried this method for making
some eggs for our kids to dye and it worked,
but I did have one that cracked.  It may
have been my fault who knows.  But I will
do it again.

And I was looking at this because I have a project where 
this knowledge will definitely come in handy.

More to come.

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