Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's your gift?

In Bible study we are reading Corinthians.  

We just did the chapter dealing with Spiritual Gifts.  The people in Corinth, seem to have put speaking in tongues very high on the scale of gifts.  In other words if you spoke in tongues you were placed on a pedestal so to speak, while others who may have had a different gift, weren't treated quite as well.

Personally, if I could pick a gift, I would think the gift of healing would be the one to have.

As we were reading the chapter it brought to mind a time when we had a discussion of gifts of the Holy Spirit.  I will never forget how my first thought when they were talking about the awesome things that God can do was fear.

Fear of what would happen if that ever really happened to me.

Then someone said something I will never forget.

Don't be afraid of what God can do for you.

I realized I wasn't the only one with this fear either, and I have learned that the fear we usually have comes from the deceiver.  Let's face it, he doesn't want us to have a relationship God, it is his job to keep us as far away from him as possible.  Because when he keeps us from seeking him, he keeps us focused on ourselves.  It's a lot easier for him to convince us that we can do it on our own when we are apart from God.  Being worldly is not all it's cracked up to be.  

After we read that chapter, I decided to take the Spiritual gifts survey to see what kind of gift it says that I have.  Now I have done this before but the one I did this time was more specific in it's questions, and pointed to gifts that I hadn't seen mentioned in the last test I did.  Gifts like healing, prophecy, and even demonic possession.  

Definitely, didn't want that one!!  

But what I found really interesting is the little things that you may do for others, is truly a Spiritual gift.

The gift of helping.  

I know of so many people who have this gift but feel like it isn't enough.  Guess what?

That is a wonderful gift, so many times when we need a little help with whatever project we have going, these are the people that are quick to step up and say they will help.
They are the people who really keep things running smoothly.

So whether your gift is healing, speaking in tongues, prophesy, or helping.  You're just as important to the kingdom.  

You are just as important to Jesus.

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