Friday, July 3, 2009

Almost True Story!

This is the last of my daughters stories. Please don't call DSS on me!!

A memory that I have was when we went to Disney World and I got lost. I was about 5 years old, and me, my brother, and my cousins were running around in this huge playground area. Then they started going faster and faster until I couldn't see them. After that I was all alone. I ran around crying for my mom and then someone who worked there helped me find them. That is my memory that I have

OK, now this is mostly true. Only she was probably 4 at the oldest, and her mom had went to the bathroom and left someone else in charge. That person let them all go on this huge playground thingy that was made like those climbing things with ropes and stuff. Basically it looked like a huge net. When I came back and asked about the kids I was informed they were all playing. When I saw the other two without her I panicked. I got in the blooming playground myself! Still couldn't find her so I sent her brother (7 at the time) back in to help me find her. After a very long few minutes, she came walking out of that playground looking very lost. I think it scared her just as much as it did us. Although my husband missed the whole thing because he was off riding a ride, while I was searching frantically for my baby. She did get asked by a worker if she was lost but by then she saw me and was coming to me.

Don't say it, I know what you're thinking.

She was probably off somewhere doing drugs.


  1. Bad parents. Good girl. No wonder she writes all those stories!!! :):):)