Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pink Bathroom

OK, remember how I asked for some advice for my mom's pink bathroom.  Well, you can see from the pictures that I was not stretching it in the least.  I have to say the floor is what is in the worst shape, and it's pretty small so that shouldn't be too hard for us to do.

That's Mr. Wonderful (he's working on the toilet).

I am standing in the tub to take this picture.

I am thinking that we should just paint the top part (the one that is burgundy, now) a lighter color.  That is because it is small and we will probably go with a light colored floor.  I would like to frame out the mirror and either get a  new light fixture or paint the one she has.  I would love to get a new faucet, but not sure if it's in the budget.  I will definitely get new hardware for the vanity.

Any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. White paint. White floor. Pewter knobs. New or painted light fixture. Take down border. I would put up a white shower curtain too...even if she only uses the tub. Keep it closed except for when she takes a tub bath. Can't wait to see the new look!!!!!!!!!!!