Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making an Impact, Radical Chapter 5

Chapter 5 has so much stuff in it, I don't know where to start.

I loved how Bullen had such faith that he boldly stated that he would impact the world.

Two things there, 1st his boldness, he flat out believes he is going to make an impact, and secondly, it was his faith that gave him his confidence.  

God is as real to Bullen as David was.  Of course I know that God is real but to him he was REAL!

Do you have that kind of faith, and boldness?  I like to think that I do, but I don't know if I could make an impact on anything or anyone, but I do know that some people who have made an impact on me probably don't think they are making one either.

Are we receivers or reproducers?  I think today, we are programmed to be receivers but we are suppose to be reproducers.  As humans, it is all about us.  

I don't necessarily mean everyone when I say that, but most people go to church on Sunday, listen intently, then don't even discuss what the sermon was about with anyone.  How often do you talk about what was the topic at church?  

This is definitely something to think on.

Pg. 106     All of a sudden, holiness is defined by what we do.

Ummmm, yeah.

There was so much in this chapter I know I don't even come close to hitting the highlights.  

In response to Marla, I would say that I think the biggest struggle for me in bringing God the glory is that I simply don't feel like I am capable, I have never read the bible all the way through, but I am trying to do that now.  I have so many questions myself I don't know that I could answer any ones questions.

I am trying to be more of a reproducer than a receiver, I am trying to learn more about the bible, I have committed myself to studying his word, and trying to let my kids see what God can do if they open up to him.  I learned a while ago that you can't put God in a box, he is so much more and wants so much for us if we just open up to him.  I think one of the ways we keep ourselves in a spiritual box of sorts is by only seeing part of the picture.  Judgement and consequences are not something we like to talk about but they are all part of God's word.

I think while I have been reading Radical, it has shown me that we should take responsibility for our faith.  If we are going to say we are Christians, we have a purpose, and it is spreading the word.  Making disciples, bringing Glory to God.  Imagine how different things could be if we all were as bold and faithful as Bullen.

I have people all around me who have inspired me and I am sure they don't even realize it.  They are people who are dealing with sickness but have an unshakable faith that is inspirational.  They are people who are struggling with the economy but remain truly grateful for what they have.  These are the people who I look at and know that they love God!

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  1. Good thoughts, thank you for sharing. As you acknowledge your questions, I'm sure others have the same ones. Learning together is part of the joy of knowing our Lord more.

  2. You know what's awesome about God? He LOVES using our weaknesses to bring glory to himself? That's so comforting to me when I don't feel like I have what it takes to make a difference.

    And you should totally tell those people who have inspired you that they've inspired you! I'll bet you would make their day! And encourage them to keep on keeping on.