Monday, February 8, 2010

Board and Batten Bathroom

Here are the before's. 

Mr. Wonderful and I took everything off the walls and started getting our boards cut for the walls.

After what felt like a very looonnng two weeks, a lot of snow, a whole lot of prayer, it is finished.
Well, almost, we still have to paint the doors and the floor molding, but for the most part we are finished,

The light was a bright shiny brass, and I happened to have some spray paint that could only make this light better, so I couldn't wait to get it painted.

My top color is Honeysuckle beige by Valspar and the bottom is just a classic white high gloss.

I followed to same measurements as Domestically Speaking and I am
so pleased with my results.
I have seen the top board not a thick as this, but I really like how it looks.
We had planned to take our large mirror and have it cut down,
 but while we were at the home improvement store we
 found these, and while you can't really tell it now, they match the

 I absolutely love, love, love it.

What do you think?

PS.  I linked up at A Soft Place to Land for DIY day, and It's so Very Cheri!



  1. Oh MY WORD!!! I LOVE the mirrors...and the walls...and the boarded walls....and the color...and the molding....and the light....and the new shower head. OH MY WORD!! I want to come see it in person!!!!

  2. It looks SO good. I'm WAY impressed :)

    It makes me want to do the same in our bathroom!

  3. Gorgeous job! I have been wanting to try board and batten forever, but I'm too lazy/nervous/everything. So I am inspired by how great your bathroom looks!

  4. You did a wonderful job! I am thinking of b and b for my dining room...once I get up the nerve!

  5. Oh that looks beautiful! I'm trying o get up the courage to do that to our entry wall. Visiting you from Remodelaholics Anon.

  6. Just saw your link at Remodelaholic. I just linked a Board & Batten project too! OHhhhh how I love your THICK top board! I still love ours, but I'm wishing I did the wider one on the top now that I've seen yours!

  7. Wow, that's classy! I am thinking English country house chic. Like it!
    Please feel free to post a link on my linking party at

  8. It just looks so lovely. So amazing how a little trim changes the style of the room.

  9. It looks great, what a transformation! I'm in the process of a makeover in my bedroom and added board and batten.