Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seeing the Light

Last night at bible study, our Pastor told a story about a Pastor that he had met who was from a small village in Africa.  

She told the story of how when she was small and growing up there was no electricity in the village and when they finally got it, her mother was amazed.  A friend brought over a light bulb, and when they hooked it up and cut it on, she just couldn't get over the difference a light made.  

After four days with light, she told her friend to take it out, she didn't want it anymore.

She said she didn't want it anymore because now she could see all the dust.

Someone said that they had always thought as they grew in their relationship with Christ, that sin would not have such a stronghold over them.   But in fact the closer they became, the more aware they were of what sins they needed to overcome.

To me the point is not necessarily that with the light on we see imperfections, to me the point is that we are in the light.  God is the light, he shows us those imperfections to help us see they way we should be.  

Don't you just love a good parable!