Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Our latest Bible study has been on Luke.  I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying it.  One of my favorite parts recently was in Luke Chapter 4 and also in Chapter 5.  It begins with Jesus going with Simon to his house and they find his mother-in-law sick with a fever.  He asks him to heal her, and all Jesus does is speak to the fever and rebuke it.   Immediately she is healed.

OK, first of all, WOW!  All he did was say it, and she was healed.  I love that, but even more than that I love that when the villagers brought all their sick to Jesus to be healed, he healed every one of them.

Yet it's not until Chapter 5, when Simon has been out all night fishing and Jesus asks him to go back out and fish again, and the boat is filled to the point of sinking that Simon realizes how much authority Jesus has.  It says Simon Peter fell to his knees before Jesus and said "Oh sir, please leave us-I'm too much of a sinner for you to have around." 

Isn't God's grace amazing. 

I wonder about Simon's reaction to his mother-in-laws healing, and then how he was moved by the fact that Jesus filled his net.  Hmmmm.

Another little footnote that we learned was the way it was when Simon realized who Jesus was that he was given the name Peter.  

Isn't that wild?  When we decide to follow Jesus we get a new name?  Hmmm, what would my name be?   

I think my favorite healing was when the man affected with Leprosy saw Jesus and he fell to the ground and begged to be healed and then he said "Sir, if you only will, you can clear me of every trace of my disease."   

Can you imagine, this man had heard the stories of his healing miracles, and he knew that all he had to do was ask and if Jesus willed it, he would be healed.  And he was.

By his faith, he was healed.

Now, that's a good story!

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  1. I want to have the faith of the man with leprosy. I know God heals. I know I can trust Him. Now, I just need to have more faith.

    I love the part where you say *I wonder what my new name would be?* I've never thought about it that way before.