Wednesday, February 17, 2010

End of A Season

Last night was our BG's last basketball game of the season. While it has definitely been a busy, and also very challenging season, it was hard to watch it end.  Our school didnt' have enough kids to have a JV team so we only had a Varsity team.  

Our team consisted of 3 seniors, two juniors, and 9 freshmen.  That's right I said NINE.  So needless to say it was challenging to say the least.  But I have to say that our seniors were the best.  They welcomed those freshmen with open arms.  My daughter had only good things to say about how kind they were to her.  Their parents should be very proud of them.  From the beginning of the summer when all the girls went to camp, they always went out of their way to include my baby girl.  They gave her support when she was frustrated with the coaches, and they always made her feel like a valuable part of the team.  They were not afraid to let her know that when they were freshmen they had the same fears and challenges that she did.

They are just awesome girls!  They really are!  They are all 3 going to college, one with a basketball scholarship.  GO SARA!!!  I hope they know how much their kindness meant to a little freshman coming into high school from a different school, knowing NO ONE except her brother.

So for Maria, Crystal, and Sara.  Thanks for making my girls freshman year a good one!  I hope you all are blessed beyond measure.  You deserve it!

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  1. That is the sweetest post! I wish those three girls could see how much they have meant to you and your BG!! One day SHE will be the senior helping the freshmen out. BG has a kind heart...just like YOU!