Friday, February 19, 2010

Making List

I use to never make lists, I just didn't I guess I didn't think I really needed a list.  (You know the type, those people that never forget anything.)  I certainly was not that type of person, but I just didn't think I needed a list to tell me what to do.

Guess what?  I really do need a list.  It's not that I can't get things accomplished but I have figured out that when I have a list, I can actually get a lot more done. 

Weird, huh?  

So anyway I decided to make a project list.  I am not going to put a time frame on them becuase one of them is a really big project that I just don't know when it will be completed because it will probably cost more than I really want to think about.

But here goes.

1.   Coffee table re-do.  
      This was a freebie that a friend was getting rid of and I can't wait to make it over.

2.  Head board for Baby Girl.
     Now, I have to say, she doesn't know anything about this and she doesn't really think  
     she  needs a headboard, but that is just one of the many reasons I had kids, so that I
     could show them who the boss is.

3.  Basement Makeover.
     When we built our house (15 years ago)  we didn't finish the basement.  This has constantly 
     been on our list of things to do, and while we have made a few changes, we still have concrete
     floors and cinder block walls.  

4.  Kitchen Makeover.
     I have a dream of tearing out the wall between my kitchen and dining room and opening it up 
     into the  living room.  I know, it's just a dream but maybe one day.

What projects are you working on?


  1. Oh girl!
    I LOVE me a project.
    I have a TON of projects that I want to do and I am always making never-ending lists of things I want to get done around the house or things I want to make :)

    A few on my list for this weekend are: finish my bedroom curtains, make kitchen curtains, make a birthday present for my cousin and make more tutu shirts. Haha, if I can get a few of these done I'll be feeling good about it but I figure I might as well have a long list so I don't run out of things to do :)

  2. I LOVE a list!!! I am a check list kind of girl. I don't really have a project going on right now but we HAVE to get siding and windows and I figure that will turn into me doing a few things.

    I DO have a goal of getting my attic cleaned i=out this spring. Hold me to it!

  3. Well projects!
    1.paint my ceiling fan and finish painting my dining room chairs
    2.paint my living room
    3.paint hallway,etc. can you see a pattern?
    4.dream of redoing my basement!!!! it is presently the junkiest basement ever although i am so thankful to have one.