Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Done, but no photos yet.

Well, we finished painting. I haven't had time to put the pictures on yet but I will definitely do it tonight. There is no headboard for the bed, but I am working on that, and she has a dresser (the wooden one) that I told her we really, really, really, need to paint because it just doesn't look right in that green room. She also has a light blue desk that I suggested doing something to, but she said that blue goes with green. I'm not sure if it does or not but at this point I have to pick my battles.

Besides, she has enough going on right now, she is starting high school, at a new school.
So if she wants to keep the desk blue, then she most certainly can.

Also, we went to Charlotte to meet our blogger friends this weekend, and it was so much fun.

They were all a lot of fun and just as nice as I imagined. It was really nice to meet them, it's great when you meet someone and they are just like you imagined.

Pictures tomorrow, I promise.


  1. It was so nice to meet you & Angela! We really do need to try & get together a couple times a year don't you think?