Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things to Do!

This is our last week before school starts so I have been trying to get things ready for the kids before they have to go back. We have to go get some school clothes, paper, pencils, etc. Also, Baby girl wants her room painted. We are trying to get that done this weekend so yes, I will have some pictures for you.

Also, I really want to paint my kitchen cabinets. Maybe I can do that this weekend while hubby and Baby girl do her room. If I do, then of course, I will show you how great they look when I am done.

I also have another project that I want to work on when all that is done, but first I have to complete the painting, then I have quite a few pictures I need to frame. So I will be pretty busy for a while.

I will put some before pictures of the room for you tomorrow. I have to tell you I think it looks pretty cute now, but Baby girl, won't be my baby girl for ever. Boo Hoo!!

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