Tuesday, May 12, 2009

After 9's

Yesterday, I took my son to get his after 9's. (That is so he can drive after 9 for any one who doesn't know that, because back in the day when I got my license, once you got them you could drive all night if you wanted to but now they put limits on the kids, which is actually a good thing.)

Anyway, we didn't have a lot of time so I was glad to see that there were only two people ahead of us.

So we walk in the door, and we get in line, and the man at the desk calls us up and asks us what we are there for. So I kind of push the boy forward, because I am trying to get him to speak to adults and authority figures on his own. He's shy.
Anyhow, he reluctantly edges forward. The man (who was super nice), says "Come on up here, nobody's going to bite you." Well, the boy gets a little flustered and embarrassed by this. Which, it probably didn't help that I found humor in the mans statement. (I mean who wouldn't, it was funny!)

So, the boy is trying as hard as he can to get his license out of his wallet, and naturally, it gets stuck.
So he stands there fiddling with it until it comes out, and then, he didn't even need it, the man just gave him a number and told him to wait to be called.

So we sit down, and we are suppose to be at my daughters school picking her up from tutoring, but I just text her and tell her we will be there shortly. And in a few short minutes we are called in, this time around we didn't get THE MAN, and I have to say I was looking forward to having him, he was so witty. This time we got Misses Hair. (We'll call her that because she looked like she just left the salon. It was pretty, ummm, big.) So Miss Hair, says to him, are you 18? The boy quietly says, No, and I mean quietly. That's one of the reasons I have to stay on him, SPEAK UP so people can hear you already. Miss Hair wants to know if he has an adult to sign for him, I walk up and let her know that I am there and ready to sign.
For someone with such nice hair, she must have had a long day, because her personality was lacking.
She asks him which background he wants. He quietly replies, so quietly in fact that I couldn't hear what he said.
I am telling you, he is cute, but he is so quiet!
So, after about 5 minutes we get out of there and are off to pick up The Daughter from tutoring.
So, the boy can officially drive after 9.

I also made a cake with my mixer. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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  1. Easy on the boy......easy. He IS cute though. At least you don't have big mouth kids!!