Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Funny Story!

Just a while ago, Mr. Wonderful had an eye appointment. He has been having some problems and we've (meaning he) has been to his regular Dr., so he decided that maybe he should get his eyes checked.
He goes to the eye Dr., and he stops by on his way back to work. You know, just so he can tell me how much it cost and that they said he needs glasses. While he's standing there I say, Man, your eyes are really glassy, did the dilate them? He proceeds to tell me that they did indeed dilate them and they look really red.
Meanwhile, he looks toward the back of the office, where me and my lovely co-worker sit, and he starts waving. (Snicker)
I turn around, looking into my office.
I start laughing, I mean really cracking up, almost to the point of bladder loss.
Then, I look at Mr. Wonderful and say, she's not here, she's in PA.
That even got a chuckle out of him, since I KNOW he has heard me say many times this week that she isn't here.
Men, they are funny!

1 comment:

  1. Man, thay dialation worked great! he can see me all the way in PA!!!