Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Vacation

Over the Christmas holiday's I actually managed to get quite a bit of things accomplished.

My daughter got her braces off, YEAHH!!!!

I painted my bathroom, pictures to come.

We had a holiday basketball tournament that lasted 3 days and we won our first game.
(I know, not really a banner season.)

I cooked my first dish from my new cookbook.

Cowboy Calzones, it was GREAT!!!

I had a great Christmas, really good, we got together with our families and we still managed to leave liking each other. (Not that that is unusual or anything.)

I am looking forward to a great year next year. I have decided to post my New Years Resolutions so that when someone catches me doing something I said I wouldn't do anymore, you might stop me. Or not.


  1. You can bet your bottom dollar I'll stop you!!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. I got her cookbook for Christmas! I'm making the chili on New Years Day. :)

    Happy New Year!!