Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What a dissapointment!

Well, as usual, we were disappointed in the amount of snowfall we actually received. While they call for 6 inches, we get 1-2.

I did leave work about 15 minutes early on Friday, (so I wouldn't get stranded).

It was beautiful while it was falling, but I really wanted enough to play in, like sled, build a snowman, you know, PLAY!

But that's OK, on Saturday, I baked goodies for Mr. Wonderful's co-workers, and watched Christmas movies, ALL DAY!

It was actually a pretty good day, if it wouldn't have been for the kids bickering that there was nothing to do, it would have been a great day.

Awwww, kids are such a blessing, and a test.

Any hoo, Not much snow = cabin fever = bored kids = crazy mom's.

*I have pictures of the snow, but I have been too busy shopping to put them on, so I will try to do that later.

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  1. Shoot... we had 14 inches... great sledding weather on the hill in our backyard, but alas... I have no sled. I swear I'm going to buy one before it snows again!!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal