Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mountain trip

Here we are after hiking to the top!

This is where we stayed. You will see on the next picture one of the reasons I love this place so much!!!
These beds are like sleeping on a cloud people!!!

This is Louise's, it has the BEST homemade jelly in 3 counties!

One of the waterfalls we saw on out hike.

This is at the bottom of Linville Gorge. It was just beautiful!


  1. Nice photos!Looks like it was a good trip. I saw your comment about your place on the Pamlico. That's so cool. The photo on my blog was on the Neuse near the Cherry Branch ferry (not sure if you're familiar with that area). Anyway, it's so beautiful down there. :)

  2. Take me! Take me! Love a good bed in a home away from home! You sure do look great after that hike. Are you sure it wasn't BEFORE the hike? Be home tomorrow. See you Monday!! Missed you!