Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Once upon a time there was a man named Bob, and he was married to a lady. One night Bob heard a noise so he went downstairs to look. He saw his wife taking drugs, so he went back to bed. That morning he threw the drugs away. Later on she asked him if he saw anything in a bag. Bob said no. Then he told his wife that he saw her taking drugs, he told her to stop, and if she didn't stop he would leave her. But he didn't want to. She said she would stop. But later on Bob kept noticing that she was acting weird and her eyes were really red, so he went all around the house looking for her drugs. He was throwing things around, and then he picked up the couch and he found it. When she got home Bob showed it to her and he left. They got a divorce later on, and Bob's wife was put into a mental institution.

Let me start off by saying NO ONE IN OUR HOUSE DOES DRUGS! My husband is not named Bob. This is a paper that my daughter wrote at school, for a Language arts class I think, she seems to have quite the imagination. Although, I know, this scenario is all to real for some people, she has not been exposed to this. I couldn't help but ask her where this idea came from, she didn't really have an answer of course, just the usual, I don't know. I think she is watching too much television. That is why I try to encourage reading at my house. She likes to read too, so maybe I should be monitoring that also.
I have a few questions though, why is the wife unnamed?
I also am assuming there are no kids because they are not mentioned.
Bob must have been pretty strong to pick up a couch.
Bob loved his wife, whatever her name was.
Bob should have got a clue, when the lady asked if he had seen anything in a bag? I suppose it could have been some candy or something.
It makes me sad that "the lady" didn't love herself enough to stop taking drugs. Because then she ended up in the mental institution.

I just thought it was an interesting little story for a 14 year old. She has a few more that I am going to share with you also. They get better, and more diverse, I have a ghost story, a real life memory, and a fantasy.

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