Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some People just don't like change!

This summer my schedule at work changes to me only working a few days a week, so after reading all of the smart things people out in the blog world do, then I have sat down and made myself a list of all the "projects" I want to tackle this summer.

I started on Sunday afternoon, I had decided to change the bookcases and mantle decor around. It has been the same since we moved in 14 years ago so I was thinking it might be time for a change. So I just did it. I took everything off the bookshelves and everything off the mantle and started over. I decided on a picture over the mantle (what I had before was an arrangement that my good friend had made for me when we first moved in), it was a great piece, I am keeping it but I just wanted to change it up. Now, there are 2 dear heads that unless I file for divorce, they will probably stay up until he moves them into the bedroom.

I just rearranged the bookcases, and moved pictures around. But it does look better if I do say so myself. I should have taken a picture. But I didn't. Anyway, my daughter and son walked in from youth group while I was taking everything down and my daughter immediately told me to stop she hated it already. What was I doing changing everything around? I, of course, told her that since her dad and I made the house payments, I could do what I wanted to the house. She persisted, but finally gave in to the fact that I wasn't changing it back. Why is that? Why does it matter to her what the living room looks like? In reality, it wasn't that different. But the thought of change is difficult for her. My son on the other hand is like the polar opposite, he could care less what it looks like. Do you think it could be a man thing? Hmmmm, maybe.

I still have some other projects to do, like paint a dresser that we have had 4ever! I also want to paint my kitchen cabinets. I will definitely take pictures of that.

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  1. I like change. Come paint the brick on my fireplace!