Friday, June 5, 2009


It's Friday, once again! I have to say, this week went by pretty quick. Tonight and tomorrow I will be attending a finance class, so I can learn how to manage the little bit of money that we do have, just a little bit better.
Not that I can't already manage my money, I just want to learn how to stretch it a little more. One thing I've learned about recently, from all the amazing blogs I read, is how much you can do with someone elses junk. It amazes me what some people think of.
My daughter also has another ball tournament this weekend. This one in the Raleigh/Durham area. I think this will be the last tournament for them, but I'm not really sure.
Tonight is the 8th grade reception at my daughters school, so I plan to take a lot of pictures of her all dressed up. If you know her, you know she hates to dress up. She doesn't really want to go tonight, but I insisted because this is her last year at this school and it's special. And she's going to go and have fun, whether she likes it or not!
That is the great thing about parenting, finally getting to be the boss!
We offered to take her out to eat, to kind of celebrate, but she isn't really interested. Teenagers! I am sure she realizes that we are going anyway.
I will post pictures soon.

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